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Residential Financing

We understand the importance of securing a mortgage for your dream home. With our expertise and access to diverse lending options, we provide tailored solutions that match your financial needs. From pre-qualification to renewals/refinances to loan closing, our dedicated team ensures a smooth and stress-free experience; Trust us to guide you through the process. Achieve your homeownership goals with confidence by choosing us as your trusted mortgage professionals.

Commercial Financing

Whether you’re starting a new venture or expanding an existing one, our experienced team is dedicated to helping you secure the necessary funds. We understand the complexities of commercial financing and offer a range of lending options to suit your specific requirements. From acquisition loans to bridge loans to stabilization loans, we provide tailored solutions to fuel your business growth in the multifamily and commercial space. 

CMHC Direct Correspondents

As a direct correspondent to CMHC specializing in multifamily and commercial financing, we possess a unique advantage in guiding our clients through the intricacies of these specialized mortgage options. With direct access to CMHC’s resources and expertise in multifamily and commercial financing, we can provide tailored advice, ensuring our clients secure the most suitable mortgage solutions for their multifamily assets. 

Unconventional Lending Solutions

We provide unconventional lending solutions as part of our service offerings. These alternative financing options cater to individuals and businesses who may not meet the requirements of traditional lenders, or those that understand how to use unconventional capital effectively to scale their portfolio. By leveraging these unconventional methods, we offer more flexible criteria, faster approval processes, and a greater chance of securing financing. 

Bridge Financing

With our expertise in bridge financing, we assist clients in securing the necessary funds quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to upgrade or a real estate investor seeking opportunities, our dedicated team is here to guide you through the process and find the right bridge financing solution that suits your specific needs. Trust us to provide a smooth and seamless transition during this crucial period of your real estate journey.

Construction & Land Development

We understand the unique financial needs of clients involved in building projects and land development. With our expertise, we provide tailored solutions to secure the necessary funds for your construction or development plans. Whether you’re a developer, builder, or investor, our dedicated team is committed to guiding you through the process and finding the right mortgage solution to support your project’s success. 

About me

Rob Chopra is Your Trusted Mortgage Professional

With expertise in both residential and commercial financing, including CMHC financing, I offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you require creative financing options, capital advisory, or strategic planning, I am committed to providing exceptional service and personalized guidance throughout your real estate journey. 

Together, we will develop a strategic plan aligned with your long-term goals, ensuring you navigate the mortgage process confidently and unlock the full potential of your real estate endeavors. Contact me today to take the first step towards financial prosperity and make your real estate aspirations a reality.

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Quick and Easy

A Smooth and Streamlined Application Process

Our platform offers a user-friendly interface that guides you through the application process step by step.  Our mortgage process begins by discussing your financing goals and presenting you with various options, followed by getting you pre-qualified. You can conveniently complete the mortgage application online. Depending on the type of financing you require, to support your application, you’ll need to provide necessary documentation. We will carefully review your file to ensure qualification and maintain control over the transaction for a smooth process. 

Once approved with conditions, we will work on clearing these conditions, potentially requiring additional information from you. We will conduct a final review to ensure all conditions are met, and once cleared to close, your loan documents will be provided to you for signing. After you sign the documents, a final review is conducted to ensure all requirements are fulfilled. When all closing conditions are met, funding is authorized by the lender and it is time to close. Congratulations!

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Connecting with me as a mortgage agent on my social media profiles is a strategic move for individuals seeking a new home, investment property, or looking to refinance. By following me, you’ll have access to a wealth of valuable information and resources that will empower you to make informed decisions about your mortgage options. Stay updated on the latest market trends, industry updates, and mortgage tips, equipping you with the knowledge to save time and money while securing the ideal mortgage solution for your specific needs, whether it’s for a new home or an investment property.


Rob Chopra is a huge asset to our business. Rob came in clutch and secured us financing with great terms when other brokers couldn’t get the job done. Rob is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to real estate and is the most genuine guy I know. Thank you Rob!!
Josh Doyle
Rob went above and beyond what I was expecting. Amazing experience I would highly recommend. Thanks to Rob !
Barry Minty
I have had the pleasure of working with Rob on several deals and it has been an outstanding experience from start to finish. As a seasoned investor, I understand that my book of business is very complicated. Rob has taken the time to review everything in detail and now has a comprehensive understanding of my portfolio. This helps make the process as stress free as possible.
Cory Froc
Rob Chopra went above and beyond the scope of practice of what a typical mortgage agent would have done for my family and I. He was always available for calls during the most stressful time in my life; even on the weekends. He not only helped me with my mortgage but also mentored me through the entire process of closing on my unit. He is extremely knowledgeable but most importantly he is undeniably passionate in his work. It is clearly evident that he loves what he does in the way he speaks with people/clients. This man deserves the world, honestly. I can say Thank You a million times and it still would not be enough
Ivan K
Rob Chopra was amazing to work with. We needed help on an investment property with CMHC MLI Select and Rob explained the process and made it as seamless as possible. Will continue to refer business his way! Thanks Rob.
Wach Properties
I wanted to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for the exceptional service provided by Rob Chopra. As first-time investors, his support and expertise were invaluable in making our dream of owning an investment property a reality. We cannot recommend working with Rob enough! From the very beginning, Rob demonstrated his commitment to understanding our unique financial needs and goals. He took the time to carefully analyze our financial situation, guiding us through mortgage options and helping us make an informed decision.
Victoria G

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